Bridging the gap between
NHS and private dental care

mydentist has launched a new, affordable approach to private dentistry that is aimed at transforming how people access private dental care. {my}options provides a low-cost solution for patients who are either finding difficulties accessing NHS care, or those who want some of the benefits of private care including longer and more convenient appointments, without the high price.

Drawing on the size of our network and relationships with key suppliers, mydentist is able to offer treatments such as whitening and clear aligner teeth straightening at a lower price and with access to financing, allowing patients to take advantage of low monthly payment plans.

This new approach is different to anything we or anyone else has ever done before. Over time, it will be available to all patients in every part of the country, and will provide dentists the opportunity to grow their careers, whilst
ensuring that more patients than ever before get access to the affordable care they need.

For Clinicians at all stages of their careers, myoptions provides that first step into growing private, with all the
support and advice mydentist can give. This includes a central marketing team and clinical support to get started. The simple, transparent pricing helps dentists have the confidence to talk to patients about the treatments on offer and the fee-per-item model of payment is a much fairer way of recognising their hard work.

You will receive a fair, fee-per-item remuneration model, extensive clinical and marketing support, opportunities for career growth including private mentorship and reassurance of fixed pricing for straightforward conversations with patients.

Affordable Private Treatment

{my}options is unique to mydentist. Whether a patient wants a check-up, an urgent appointment, treatment or even a complete smile makeover, they can get the smile you have always dreamed of at a price you can afford. With a range of early morning, evening and weekend appointments they can be seen at a time that suits them. With {my}options, they’ll have priority appointments when they need them most, and no long waiting lists.

Treatment Price List

get the smile you have
always dreamed of at a price
you can afford