Mentoring improves the performance and productivity of mentees, offers opportunities to advance careers, and helps Dentists earlier on in their professional lives to gain in confidence and skill.

But it is also incredibly rewarding for you. By getting involved, you can boost your own confidence, develop your skills, and pass on your experience to the next generation of outstanding clinicians.

And, by signing up to our mentoring scheme, you can be rewarded for it at the same time.

What are the mentoring options?


Private Mentoring

We introduced our private mentoring schemes to give overseas qualified dentists the opportunity to work in our practices providing affordable private dentistry with a mentor.

This brings clinicians into our practices to gain the clinical experience necessary to embark upon a NHS pathway, or to simply work whilst they are waiting for their NHS mentorships to start. Other clinicians may use this experience to continue to provide affordable private dentistry only.

NHS Mentoring

Dentists who qualify from overseas dental schools who wish to provide NHS dentistry are required to complete a mentorship in order to receive a NHS performer number.

The NHS mentorship depends on the country from which they qualify. If they graduated from an EEA country they are classified as an EEA dentist, whereas if they graduate from a country outside of the EEA they are classed as a PLVE dentist.


What will I do as a Mentor?

Being a Mentor can be both a rewarding and fulfilling activity as you see your mentee grow in confidence and experience.  You will support them with a mix of tutorial and work based assessments, as well as observing and discussing treatments during the mentorship.

The mentorship will typically last 12 months, depending on their experience, with the mentee in practice for at least three days per week. In turn, we support our mentors at every step – from initial training to providing a template portfolio for you to work through with your mentee.



{my}dentist offers a mentor training course at various UK locations. The course will better equip you to be able to use your new skills within your role, to enhance your potential, and allow you to be in the best position for providing support for your mentee and the team in order to improve the quality of patient care.  It will also give you XX hours of CPD credit.

Even if you have completed previous training programmes, it is advised that you refresh your knowledge every two years for NHS mentoring and every three years for Private mentoring.

Some of the resources that are easily and instantly available on the course page of the LMS are:

  • Mentor guidance documents
  • Mentoring folders and portfolios
  • A handbook for practices

Benefits of becoming a mentor

Being a mentor has many rewards, including allowing you to:

  • Develop your education and supervision skills
  • Contribute to your PDP
  • Receive verifiable CPD
  • Undertake advanced CPD courses and further Mentor CPD events
  • Progress your career at {my}dentist
  • There are also direct financial benefits to being a mentor

As a mentor you will receive a set fee of £6,000 paid by the mentee.
You will also be paid £2,000 by {my}dentist once the mentorship begins and then another £2,000 at the end of the mentorship as a thank you for helping another Clinician grow their career.

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