Our Dental Nurse Hero for July is….

This month we’re shining the spotlight on Emma Mitchell, who is a dental nurse at {my}orthodontist, The Crescent, Plymouth. Emma was nominated as a dental nurse hero for everything she did to keep her team motivated during the pandemic, as well as her kind and caring nature which helps calm nervous teens before they have their braces fitted.

We asked Emma what made her want to become a dental nurse and what it was like working during the early days of the pandemic. Emma said: “I’ve always been interested in health and was a fitness instructor before I qualified as a dental nurse around eight years ago. It was clear to me that most dental problems could be prevented, yet most of our oral health education ends as children. So, I wanted to play a role in helping people better understand how to look after their mouths.

“Since I joined {my}orthodontist The Crescent practice six years ago, I’ve also focused on how to improve the orthodontic journey. Lots of our patients are really worried about the social impact of a brace, how to clean it and if it will hurt. I try and be the link between the specialist or orthodontic therapist and spend time with the patient and their parents explaining everything they need to know.

“Working over the last year has been challenging, especially during the early days, but I have just tried to step up, make sure we keep to the SOPs and try and keep spirits high. I’m really grateful that we have a great team at our practice and that we work together so well.”

More than 100 colleagues have been nominated as a Dental Nurse Hero in the last three months. If you would like to nominate a #DentalNurseHero, fill the form in here; http://bit.ly/3aCjww4

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