Relocation Support

Whether you’re looking for a fresh challenge or to move to the UK, relocating can make a world of difference to your work and life. It’s not a decision you’ll make overnight. But we can provide advice, help you make the right decision and even put you in touch with dentists who’ve made the move – and never looked back.

Carole Kelly, our dedicated Relocation Manager will contact you during the on-boarding process and help you and your family to:

  • Find a hotel close to your practice location
  • Search for a property in the local area to rent, let or buy
  • Set up a bank account and self-employed tax registration
  • Complete occupational health checks
  • Appoint an Accountant
  • Find local schools
  • Learn more about the local area
  • Obtain a UK National Insurance number if needed.

For further information, please contact Carole on 01204 799 699